EcoSoft is an Australian company that provides software solutions and associated professional services to organisations involved in the waste management and recycling industries based around its locally developed application software product EcoSoft Collection Manager (ECM).

ECM is a feature rich, comprehensive package that handles all of the day to day operational tasks required for effectively managing commercial and industrial waste and recycling collection services.

It consists of a range of fully integrated modules including Service Agreement Processing, Run Management, Operational Reporting, Accounts Receivable (Invoicing) and interfaces to General Ledger, KPI/Productivity Reporting, Weighbridge and In Vehicle Mobile Data Systems.

ECM is flexible and scalable and is available in 2 base configurations, Enterprise and Lite, designed to suit the different requirements and budgets of organizations large and small.

ECM Enterprise includes all of the base software modules and is the ideal multi company, multi branch, corporate wide solution.

ECM Lite is an extremely effective package that includes the necessary modules required to meet the operational needs of small to medium sized companies.

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